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Catching a Convict

On December 9, 2011 By

Diving 4 Images Newsletter, 09 December 2011
I seem to be having great luck recently, on each trip not only have we been finding new species but also finding things out of place. This was the case during a dive on Bag island in the Raja Ampat recently.

The currents were roaring […]

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In September and October 2011 Diving 4 Images ran a trip to Komodo and Flores searching for nudibranchs, though just about every wish critter pops up on these too. This is the third nudibranch special we have run and they are becoming increasingly popular; previous expeditions had resulted in species counts of 223 […]

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Ambon 2010

On August 8, 2011 By


I felt so lucky, we had the ultimate critter loving group one could ask for!

What a great trip we’ve had so far. 12 days in Ambon, full on critter hunting and now more to come starting tomorow when we head of on our Beyond Komodo Critter Cruise.

Sadly the internet connection over in […]

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Beyond Komodo Critter Cruise

On August 8, 2011 By

Date: 10/10/10 – 20/10/10

The Report
It was really interesting to be back on the boat where I started my first full liveaboard work as the head divemaster onoard Sea Safari 3 for Kararu back in 2000 where the Kararu folks had whisked me away from Wakatobi Dive Resort with the lure of Liveaboard diving […]

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Feb 2006

The main trip was arranged on behalf of Conservation International to make a full survey of the Teluk Cendrawasih. During the first trip Dr. Mark Erdmann was the group organiser, we were lucky enough to have Dr. Gerry Allen aboard, Gerry is one of the worlds best ichthyologists. we had the hard […]

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June 19th – June 30th

This was the one I had been waiting on for so long, a cruise where all the guests on board were interested in critters, or for those who were new to this, they were all willing to learn more about them.

Here are just a few of the creatures we […]

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March 2008

I set up these trips for our returning hardcore critter lovers who enjoy the lazy diving and adventurous nature of these special Diving 4 Images charters. These charters from Sumbawa through to Sangeang, Komodo, north Flores and into Alor were to be slightly different from our usual charters. I do try to […]

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October 2005

A private charter with the BBC’s number one coral reef film maker Peter Scoones and assistant producer Emma Rolfe (now Emma Pearce). Heading out to tiny island for nearly two weeks, filming for the BBC’s next huge project called Planet Earth.

The Shallows Seas portion of Planet Earth was aired November 2006 […]

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