Opisthobranchs Photo Gallery

Our gallery of nudibranchs (well more accurately known as opisthobranchs) from scuba diving expeditions around Indonesia and beyond. Many of these species were found diving in Bali, which is probably one of the richest places on the planet for nudibranch species.

Nudibranchs are probably one of the most photogenic of sea creatures. They come in all shapes, sizes, forms, colours and have the most interesting feeding, behavioural and sexual habits. What makes them even more exciting is that you, me, Joe Bloggs and anyone else out there can go for a dive and find a new species too – now that really is cool hey!

Here you can a variety of unknown, rare, unusual and just very pretty opisthobranchs found on Diving 4 Images trips.

For those really interested in nudibranchs we run a few trips each year just in search of these cool animals and often have some great experts joining.

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For more about nudibranchs and you can go to http://www.nudipixel.net/ and view more of Graham’s nudibranch at http://www.nudipixel.net/photographer/graham/