May 212019
2019 Latest News Update

Dear friends / buddies / fellow divers, We’re already half way through the year and a lot of us have been on some amazing trips this year. I’m happy to share some of my photos below in the updated galleries. I’ve also got a few trips coming up with some of you that I’m very Read More…

May 212015
Melibe colemani

Does the Melibe colemani have more close related species that have yet to be discovered and named? For quite some time I have been pondering over these images and wondering what species they are. Having never officially studied these animals genetically I can’t say that I’m an expert so I am hoping that the real Read More…

Dec 092011
Catching a Convict

Diving 4 Images Newsletter, 09 December 2011 I seem to be having great luck recently, on each trip not only have we been finding new species but also finding things out of place. This was the case during a dive on Bag island in the Raja Ampat recently. The currents were roaring and the swell was unpleasantly Read More…

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Aug 082011
Ambon 2010

9/10/10 I felt so lucky, we had the ultimate critter loving group one could ask for! What a great trip we’ve had so far. 12 days in Ambon, full on critter hunting and now more to come starting tomorow when we head of on our Beyond Komodo Critter Cruise. Sadly the internet connection over in Read More…

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Aug 082011
Beyond Komodo Critter Cruise

Date: 10/10/10 – 20/10/10 The Report It was really interesting to be back on the boat where I started my first full liveaboard work as the head divemaster onoard Sea Safari 3 for Kararu back in 2000 where the Kararu folks had whisked me away from Wakatobi Dive Resort with the lure of Liveaboard diving adventures Read More…

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