Lembeh DiveQuest Photo Gallery

November 2014

Another return trip to a top favourite critter spot, this time running a Critterfest for DiveQuest at Black Sand Dive Retreat. What a fantastic trip it was too! It is always great to see photographers get better at their photography and take better images day by day…

During this trip we managed to fulfil just about everyones wish list other than the Rhinopias, which hadn’t been seen by anyone in Lembeh for a few months – boohoo! The wish lost included ghost pipefish, mimic octopus, wonderpus, tiger shrimp, harlequin shrimp, hairy shrimp, hairy frogfish, hairy octopus, (hairy dive came in with the deal too!), blue ribbon eels, bobbit worm, flamboyant cuttlefish, pigmy seahorses, melibe nudibranchs. Lots of people wanted blue ringed octopus and these were out in abundance, there were so many found that photographers were eventually passing them by for other more common subjects. After we had all this some photographers donned their wide angle lenses to try their hand at photographing a few wide angel spots too!

Here is the gallery from Graham, as you can see it is not all about the super rare subjects, sometimes just pretty makes a good photo.

To view the text with each image move your mouse over the image and enjoy!