Here are some comments from the professional photographers, film makers, marine experts and our regular divers who have been with us…

Peter Scoones

BBC film maker and Emmy Award winning film-maker organised numerous expeditions including a shoot to film unique sea-snake behaviour for BBC’s Planet Earth and other invertebrate shoots for the BBC and numerous expeditions for Peters own personal filming interests too.

 “Thanks for the help in filming the snake sequence. Adapting to my dive requirements is often not in the mature of other guides. So thanks for the help. I think we have filmed behaviour that has not been documented before, so a first there. I am sure I will be needing your services again so look loward to that. Cheers.”

Stan Waterman www.stanwaterman.com

Five-time Emmy winning cinematographer and underwater film producer.

“I was delighted to have you with us. You are what I call a “civilized” man with all the good components that go into making one. As well, you are a super-fine dive guide with an eye that is a match for Larry’s.”

Howard Hall www.howardhall.com

IMAX 3D Underwater Film Producer

“Our crew spent five weeks diving in Indonesia during the making of our IMAX 3D feature, Under the Sea 3D. Graham Abbott’s guidance and assistance were fundamental to the success of our trip. Not only did he provide valuable insights into marine life behaviors and knowledgeable guidance in very remote locations, he also pitched in to assist with the often backbreaking tasks of underwater IMAX film work. The success of our film is due, in part, to Graham’s superb efforts and professionalism.”

David Doubilet www.daviddoubilet.com

National Geographic staff photographer

“Without a doubt, Graham you know the seas of Indonesia from creature behavior to the beauty and the glory of the reefs. And then of course you understand light to say nothing of lens craft. There are very few dive/”people”/”operators” great white hunters – actually there are no words for what you do! Who can post on briefing board this is a 60mm lens macro dive! We have to work with you soon and in the future. This was a good tour but plagued with evil luck at times.
Graham, dive well, shoot well you are indeed a professionals professional.”

Norbert Wu www.norbertwu.com

Professional film maker & much published wildlife photographer.

“Dear Graham,
You are a true professional, and an expert in finding critters for professionals like me. I saw more in 1.5 days of diving with you than I saw in 30 days of diving at KBR! Here’s hoping that we dive together again soon, and that your enthusiasm & expertise in “Diving 4 Images” never fades!
If you get the chance to dive with Graham Abbott, then you should take it immediately! Graham is one of the best diving guides and underwater naturalists that I have had the privilege of diving with. He knows the marine life in Indonesia better than any other person or operation that I know of. Folks like Graham come around infrequently, and I’ve learned the hard way that once you find them, you should use their services quickly before they move on to bigger and better things.”

Eric Cheng www.echeng.com

Professional photographer, owner of Wetpixel. 

“Thank you so much for such a wonderful trip! It was refreshing indeed to be part of an expedition that so catered to the underwater photographer —- all of the flexibility you offered is something that other operators should use a model. The diving was spectacular and I take home with me many images I’m proud of. The Blue Water Mangroves were very special and I look forward to returning for more!”

Dr. Gerry Allen

Fish expert (ichthyologist) author of many fish identification books.

Two survey charters in the north & south of Irian Jaya and 3rd time for yet another special Fakfak expedition…

“Graham Abbott served as our dive coordinator for the 2006 Conservation International expedition to Cenderawasih Bay. I can’t speak highly enough of his uncanny ability to locate excellent dive sites and his extensive knowledge of marine life of the Indonesian region. He is a real bonus for any dive expedition to any destination in Indonesian seas and beyond.”

Dr. Gerry Allen’s 3rd trip, this time a join in trip to the hottest new dive location Triton Bay (Fakfak)

“Another excellent journey thanks to your great skills. Well done a memorable trip that was truly enjoyable. It was a pleasure to explore the “Last Frontier” of Fakfak I look forward to future trips with you.”

Dr. Mark Erdmann

The main man behind Conservation International Indonesia ocean based projects.

“Thanks Graham for your exceedingly competent help & leadership in both our original survey of Cendrawasih Bay & Fakfak as well as this follow up. We accomplished everything we hoped to – photo’s of new species, adding 60+ “new new” fish species. Boat & crew were great.”

Tim Laman www.timlaman.com

Professional nature photographer, published in many magazines

National Geographic photo shoot from Maumere to Lombok. We have since worked on numerous other projects for various magazine articles.

“Dear Graham,
Now that my article “Color: a Fish’s Eye View” has been published in the May 2005 National Geographic, I wanted to get back to you to thank you for your expert guiding on our boat charter in Indonesia.  As I look through my pictures in National Geographic, I see that clearly the three weeks that I spent with you were the most productive of my eight week shoot for the story. Your knowledge of the region and the marine life made all the difference in being able to find some of those elusive subjects I wanted to feature in the article. Thanks again for your great work – I award you the gold medal for dive guiding! (And by the way, you also run a professional operation and are a great guy to hang out with).
Also, I wanted to mention that the boat you chartered for us, the Ikan Gurami, worked out really great for our team. The captain and crew were highly competent and professional in running the ship, and it made an ideal base for our nearly endless days and nights of diving, with great food to recharge on between dives. I would highly recommend it to any photographic or filming crew looking to charter a boat or for any small group of divers who want to have a safe and comfortable dive trip.
All the best and I am looking forward to diving with you again soon.
Tim Laman” 

Emma Pearce (Rolfe)

BBC Assistant Producer on the sea snake seaquence for BBC’s Planet Earth

“Dear Graham,
Thank you for taking care of taking on the challenge organising a fantastic filming trip for the BBC Natural History Unit. I am confident on saying that the sea snakes, jacks and goatfish of Gunung Api will make the Shallow Seas episode of Planet Earth next year. A very succesful trip to Gunung Api – great diving, great fun and a wonderful opportunity to fully explore a remote island, dive sites and discover new behaviour. Everything has gone very well and despite 1 poor DVD choice (Alien vs Predator) a great time has been had by all. Your knowledge and experience has been a real asset to I will definitely recommend you to others. Many thanks again.
PS:- Thanks for providing a divemaster with a broad Leeds accent to provide us with extra amusement.”

And here are a few quotes from some guests who have joined us on scheduled trips and private charters…. 

“Graham and John Rock!..Just spent 2 weeks with Graham on Damai….the BEST dive trip you could EVER imagine. Grahams knowledge and expertise in Indonesia is unsurpassed, Diving 4 Images took care of us like no other could. The diving was absolutely spectacular, the boat and the crew wonderful and Graham is certainly one of the most charismatic and fun guys you will ever meet! HIGHLY recommend that anyone wanting to book a dive guide for anywhere in Indonesia, contact diving 4 Images!”
GLB, Sun Valley, Idaho.

“I’ve been diving for over thirty years and with Graham for nearly ten. Each expedition has been different, even ‘repeats’, and fascinating. It’s when I have dived elsewhere that I have realised how meticulously Graham plans his dives, checking every site before taking divers down. His sharp eyes miss nothing, so I’ve seen many things I would almost certainly have missed left to my own devices. His diving standards are high and he has improved my own!
Diving with Graham is fun too!”

“Famous photographers and film makers think Graham is the best but he works equally hard for everyone on his trips, professionals and amateurs alike.. That is why his dedicated group of keen divers return to dive with him year after year. He is also probably the most hardworking dive guide there is – constantly on the lookout for new and interesting sites and studying conditions and habitats. A trip with Graham is certainly a learning experience and a trip to remember.”
Mary H, a regular on Diving 4 Images trips.

“Graham, you are the world’s best spotter… we all look at the same reef, and you find 5 times as many more nudibranchs! Thanks for your care and dedication even your ear was exploding. Perhaps we will see you again some day.”

“A week of diving around Bali :- 17 dives – 22 hours underwater and you found all the critters on my wish list! We enjoyed the scenic travel around the island – the accommodations were quiet and convenient to the dive sites. You made shore diving easy & exciting.”

“The full Bali Dive Tour and Local Experiences
Agung our driver took us safe and good around Bali. The first destination was Pemuteran. After two days of relaxing Graham joined us and we started with some remarkable dives at Secret Bay and Menjangan Island. Even the water temperature was cold we stayed more than 90 minutes. We already were fans of critters, what Graham found was just perfect. After the dives we enjoyed another Balinese adventure, the local warung’s. We liked the Ayam Betutu and Babi Guling very much. In Tulamben we had the smallest frogfish we have ever seen. Marcel had to check the video to he sure. When Graham yelled, we knew he had found something very special – two small rhinopias!! To mention everything, it would fill this book. Our last station Padang Bai, and that was the place Marcel ran out of tape, battery, memory, bottom time (we all), everything – three different kind of Rhinopias (Mr R frondosa).
It just couldn’t be better. Thanks Graham for this truly awesome adventure trip around Bali, we will be back.
All the best and good luck.”

“Graham has been our personal dive guide on two trips to Indonesia. He is always energetic and ready to make a dive. His dive briefings give you a good summary of the types of marine life you can expect to encounter on the dive and the best places to find specific subjects. Once in the water, he is an excellent “critter hunter” that takes the time to point out easily-missed, small creatures that make good photo subjects. Recognizing that the health and well-being of the coral reef eco system is fragile, Graham is very conservation-minded and considerate of the creatures he introduces to his clients. We really appreciate Graham’s fun-loving personality that is equally balanced by the highest level of attention to diver safety. He’s not only an excellent critter-finder, but a very strong diver with the ability to provide great dive experiences for divers of all skill levels.”