British Columbia Photo Gallery

July 2013

I was very lucky and feel blessed to be invited with friends to go and explore the underwater world in British Columbia.

These friends have been travelling in BC for most of their lives and hadn’t seen it underwater. When I heard this little fact I jumped at the chance to join them and be a part of their new explorations, in what I came to discover as a really amazing place for divers and even more so exploratory diving…

I had been in touch with most of the well known dive operators in BC, I was in touch with professional photographers, film makers and anyone else I could think of and yet no one had heard about anyone who had dived around Bella Bella and the area we were heading to. This made me feel even more like this was going to be a truly amazing adventure dive trip, and certainly it was!

I never would have believed in a million years that I’d enjoy diving in 10 degrees C water. I actually really enjoyed dry suit diving and will now be seeking more fun cold water adventures for sure.

Here are just a few of the highlights from this wonderful adventure. Click on the image and scroll through each, or just move your mouse over the these smaller images, the text explains more.

Hope you enjoy!