Beyond Komodo Critter Cruise

Date: 10/10/10 – 20/10/10

The Report
It was really interesting to be back on the boat where I started my first full liveaboard work as the head divemaster onoard Sea Safari 3 for Kararu back in 2000 where the Kararu folks had whisked me away from Wakatobi Dive Resort with the lure of Liveaboard diving adventures on the islands of Komodo, Flores, Alor and later on the exploration trips round Irian Jaya too.

The cheery captain Pak Yan was still onboard Sea Safari 3 and had been calling and sending me text messages asking me about the intended route. It was great to hear that he was still really keen and cheerful as ever. I was surprised to see Sonny (the engineer) still onboard as well, just about all the crew had since moved on and many of the crew were very new. The boat, Sea Safari is fundamentally still the same with a few slight changes onboard. Sea Safari 3 being the oldest in the fleet for Sea Safari looks a little rough round the edges but it still makes a great dive platform and once everyone had been ushered to their cabins they all came out smiling. The level of comfort and the amount of space we all had was fantastic.

Sea Safari do not have any dedicated dive staff which works ok for me as I can bring onboard my own dive crew to suit each particular trip I make onboard the Sea Safari fleet. I had brought onboard one of the Indonesian guides who had always looked our clients for Bali trips when I was unavailable. Menyun had previously worked for Bali Scuba and we would only book with them for our clients when Menyun was available and the reports always can back with great praises for his professional manner, spotting abilities and his knowledge of marine life. Now Menyun freelances and will be working with Diving 4 Images on many future trips throughout Indonesia!

This wasn’t going to be your average Komodo trip, far from it! Onboard were a group of hardcore critter lovers who had been asking me for over 5 years to take them to dive nothing other than Bima and Sangaeng island, two of my personal favourites that are on the standard Komodo Liveaboard route. I had wanted to do this trip for years and somehow we always ended up elsewhere. I’ve took many trips and spent many days non stop diving in these areas.

Starting of in the islands north of Labuan Bajo, just for some exploration diving. I checked out a few spots and the second spot I checked had all the right habitat for good critter diving, I continued and checked a few others spots but this second spot was the chosen site. Our first dive revealed a few cool macro subjects but we all amazed at the big fish life that came by. An eagle zipped by a few divers, there was a giant thorny back stingray and a school of yellow striped jacks as well. The critter was not the best we had seen but with such an interesting habitat we had to check it out again at night…

Wind blew up a little too much so we moved to the other side of the island. Here we found another spot that looked like it could be a good habitat for small critters. On entry there was a mild current, though the current picked up and made the dive a little awkward to say the least. After 60 minutes the current the subsided and a few of us managed to find a few nudibranchs we hadn’t yet noted including the giant bizarrely named Asteronutus cespitosus, there were big lobster and a few other including a very unusual crab that was making its home in the large barrel sponges, not one of the small porcelain crabs, this was a much larger crab with slight purple markings. I’ll be keeping a look out for this on future trips for sure…

The weather on Sangeang turned out to be perfect and marine life was amazing, especially for nudibranchs and weird animals, which was exactly what we were looking for. There were only a few juvenile frogfish, we didn’t find any larger adults anywhere on Sangeang but they were seen in Bima. Of the ghost pipefish family we had plenty, a few different coloured ornate ghost pipefish, most of which were on new sites too, there was the usual robust, delicate, there were even some of what I think were the long tail ghost pipefish Solenostromus armatus, there was also a lovely velvety looking ghost pipefish too! A couple of the usual super hot critter sites didn’t perform at all so we only made one dive on these, even so we still found at least one really cool or totally new animal on every dive. However, a few other new spots came up with many amazing new critters, quite a few totally new to me as well! A few of the reefs we dived weren’t just mucky critter sites, there were also spectacular reef scenic dives as well. Bubble Reef was perfect with about 25-30m visibility and buzzing with small fish, Deep Purple was a bit of a wash out and we ended up in a drift dive, discovering some really interesting fish filled coral reef spurs from 14-20m and during the drift we even saw a few big eagle rays cruise by.

We had planned one of my favourite dive sites on this island for unique species and many really interesting nocturnal nudibranchs, though the tides weren’t going to be right, I wanted to avoid current, we had already been caught out once on Mentjeng Wall so I didn’t want any more current, especially on a night dive. We moved over to Bima and dived one of my old favourite sites in the mouth of the bay for a late night dive. It was good with a few interesting nudibranchs and a pair of huge ornate ghost pipefish. I always feel so sorry for ghost pipefish at night as they get so easily blinded by dive lights and especially strobes. I usually ask dives not to shoot them at night for this very reason but the temptation for most is just too hard to pass by. As this site was good but not excellent as it used to be I moved the boat deeper into the bay for some more serious critter hunting, where I knew we were going to find some other critters we had yet to find on this trip and hopefully a few more totally new animals as well!

We woke in Bima with another dive boat close by, this was the first other boat we saw the whole time out on this trip. I headed over to find out where the other boat planned to dive so I could choose alternative sites. There are so many great sites in this bay that it’s stupid to drop divers on top of another group here. We found a few really interested animals in the bay here, the list was great and on every dive we found something new. There was one really interesting nudibranch (see photo below) that we were unable to find any close ID on in any of the books we had.

Just one of the new nudis to me. It could be Chromodoris tumulifera, thanks to Terry Gosliner for pointing me in the right direction. Not yet photographed in Indonesia on Nudipixel anyway!

We were really hanging out for more diving around Sangaeng so we headed out of Bima and over to the majestic volcano once more. I headed to another place we had yet to dive on this trip and divers were still amazed at the number and variety of sites this island had to offer. Again even more new species of nudibranch to add to our list and even more cool critters too! On our last day for a possible night dive conditions were just right and we eventually managed to dive on another of my favourite sites, this time my favouite site for nocturnal animals. I really wanted to dive this so much and as it turned out, it was off the charts. Not only was it great for critter action at night, there were a few divers who opted for a day dive and loved this site for the reef scenery and fish life too!

On our very last day, I wanted to try and go out with a bang. There were a few new sites we had dived previously that I wanted to check out again as we had been finding lots of really tiny nudibranchs and other tiny critters. As not everyone is into the super tiny critters I organized the diving so one group could go for a few larger animalsand one group for the tiny which I led on a site we decided to call Small Wonders while Menyun led other group at Sangeang Rox which is more of a reef dive with bommies scattered with lots of gorgeous black coral bushes and a great variety of coral, fish and some larger critters… Our dive on Small Wonders turned out to be non stop critter after critter with a tiny harlequin shrimp, a few different ghost pipefish and we only covered a distance of about 30m width and 20m depth the whole dive. Our group photographer Jayne who was new with her Canon G11 didn’t know where to turn next, poor Jayne went from critter to critter and had so many subjects it was hard to know who to go to next! What a great way to make our final dive!

In all we saw more critters on this trip than we had seen in many years diving in all other locations. Keep a watchful eye out for more forthcoming Sangeang Critter Cruises…

Guest Comments

Comments will be added soon, in short there were rave reviews from all on this, even Menyun, our dive guide with thousands of dives round Bali, many more in Wakatobi and other ares said “wow, Sangeang, I don’t what to say, it’s too much”.

The species list from this trip so far:

1    Aegiris villosus
2    Aeolidiella sp. red very shaggy nudi on orange sponge jayne ?
3    Aoelidiella alba jayne photo
4    Aplysia  dactylomela
5    Aplysia parvula
6    Armina cf. semperi jayne photo
7    Asteronotus cespitosus
8    Asteronotus hepaticus
9    Ategema intecta
10    Ategema sp.? Blue spongy dorid
11    Berghia major
12    Bornella hermanni
13    Caloria indica
14    Ceratosoma tenue
15    Ceratosoma trilobatum
16    Cerberilla sp.? All white, blue tips & oral tentacles jayne photo
17    Chelidonura amoena
18    Chelidonura hirundinina
19    chelidonura pallida
20    Chelidonura varians
21    Chromodoris annae
22    Chromodoris cf verrieri orange/red mantle edge jayne photo
23    Chromodoris cf. sp.1
24    Chromodoris cf. strigata jayne photo?
25    Chromodoris coi
26    Chromodoris collingwoodi
27    Chromodoris elizabethina
28    Chromodoris fidelis
29    Chromodoris geometrica
30    Chromodoris hintuanensis
31    Chromodoris kuniei
32    Chromodoris leopardus
33    Chromodoris magnifica
34    Chromodoris preciosa
35    Chromodoris reticulata
36    Chromodoris setoensis
37    Chromodoris strigata
38    Chromodoris verrieri
39    Costasiella kuroshimae
40    Costasiella usagi
41    Cratena cf. affinis tiny (maybe jayne photo)
42    Cuthona sibogae
43    Cuthona sp.? Cerata white at middle green outer Jayne photo
44    Cuthona sp.? Deep red, purple pink, blue, orange
45    Cuthona sp.36 jayne photo bima
46    Cuthona sp.36 jayne photo sangaeng
47    Cuthona sp? Green/yellow (Jayne photo)
48    Cuthona yamasui
49    Cyerce cf. sp.1 Clear white tips to cerata brown rhinophores
50    Cyerce kikutarobabai
51    Cyerce sp.? Dotted jayne photo
52    Dendrodoris denisoni
53    Dendrodoris gutatta
54    Dermatobranchus albus
55    Dermatobranchus ornatus
56    Dermatobranchus sp.? Jayne photo white/grey
57    Dermatobranchus sp.10
58    Dermatobranchus sp.12
59    Dermatobranchus sp.7
60    Discodoris boholensis
61    Dorid black & white spotted jayne photo
62    Dorid transparent spotted purple on body, purple & orange dots & white mantle edge
63    Doto cf. sp.7
64    Doto rosacea
65    Doto sp.? Bright red long cerata jayne photo
66    Elysia cf. tormentosa brown hairy algae looking
67    Elysia furvacauda
68    Elysia ornata
69    Elysia sp.? All white large parapodia, moved jerkily forward
70    Elysia sp.? Mainly blue with white & blue rhino jayne photo
71    Elysia sp.10 white moves jerkily
72    Elysia sp.13
73    Elysia sp.2
74    Eubranchus mandapamensis? Jayne photo
75    Eubranchus sp.1
76    Eubranchus sp.13
77    Eubranchus sp.3
78    Eubranchus sp.4
79    Eubranchus ussi?
80    Facelina sp.
81    Facelinid sp.? Fuzzy brown cerata & spotted oral tentacles jayne
82    Facelinid unknown white, translucent, bright orange tips jayne photo
83    Favorinus japanicus
84    Favorinus pacificus
85    Favorinus sp.? Jayne photo
86    Favorinus tsuruganus
87    Flabellina bicolor
88    Flabellina bilas
89    Flabellina cf. sp4 jayne photo
90    Flabellina exoptata
91    Flabellina riwo
92    Flabellina rubrolineolata
93    Flabellina sp.
94    Flabellina sp.
95    Flabellina sp.2
96    Glossodoris atromarginata
97    Glossodoris cincta
98    Glossodoris pallida
99    Glossodoris rufomarginata
100    Godiva sp.2
101    Gymnodoris cf. sp.1  jayne photo
102    Gymnodoris cf. sp.16 jayne photo
103    Gymnodoris citrina
104    Gymnodoris nigricolor
105    Gymnodoris rubropapulosa
106    Gymnodoris translucent white sp.
107    Halgerda albocristata
108    Halgerda batangas
109    Halgerda carlsoni
110    Hexabranchus sanguineus
111    Hypselodoris bullocki
112    Hypselodoris emma
113    Hypselodoris infucata
114    Hypselodoris maculosa
115    Hypselodoris nigrostriata
116    Hypselodoris reidi
117    Hypselodoris sagamiensis jayne photo white with spots
118    Hypselodoris whitei
119    Hypselodoris zephyra
120    Hyselodoris apolegma
121    Hyselodoris sp.2
122    Hyselodoris Thorunna sp. Mainly white with spots, orange rhino&gills Jayne photo
123    Jorunna alisonae or ategema ? Brown spiky spongy jayne photo
124    Jorunna funebris
125    Jorunna parva
126    Jorunna rubescens
127    Lomanotus sp.2
128    Lomanotus sp.4
129    Lomanotus white with black edge
130    Marionia elongoreticula
131    Marionia sp. Pute white covered in lots of cerata, jayne photo
132    Marionia sp.10
133    Marionia sp.7 Jayne photo
134    Mexichromis multituberculata
135    Moridilla brockii
136    Moridilla sp.
137    Nembrotha cf. yonowae
138    Nembrotha chamberlaini
139    Nembrotha cristata
140    Nembrotha kubaryana
141    Nembrotha lineolata
142    Nembrotha sp. Green gills, black rhinophores, bright red spots
143    Notobryon like elysia jayne photo?
144    Notobryon sp. Clear jayne photo?
145    Noumea crocea
146    Noumeaella rehderi
147    Ontoglaja guamensis
148    Paradoris liturata
149    Pectenodoris trilineolata
150    Petalifera ramosa
151    Phestilla minor
152    Philinopsis gardineri
153    Philinopsis pilsbry
154    Philinopsis speciosa
155    Phyllidia coelestis
156    Phyllidia ocellata
157    Phyllidia picta
158    Phyllidia pustulosa
159    Phyllidia varicosa
160    Phyllidiella granulata
161    Phyllidiella lizae
162    Phyllidiopsis annae
163    Phyllidiopsis cf. annae with 5 blue lines & dots on edge
164    Phyllidiopsis shireenae
165    Phyllodesmium briareum
166    Phyllodesmium cf. iriomotense jayne photo
167    Phyllodesmium colemani
168    Phyllodesmium crypticum
169    Phyllodesmium koehleri
170    Phyllodesmium lizardensis jayne photo
171    Phyllodesmium macphersonae jayne photo
172    Plakobranchus ocellata
173    Plakobranchus sp.? Jayne photo
174    Platydoris cf. inornata jayne photo?
175    Platydoris cinerbranchiata
176    Platydoris sanguinea
177    Pleurobranchus forskalii
178    Plocamorpherus ceylonicus
179    Plocamorpherus pecoso
180    Pteriollidia ianthina
181    Risbecia pulchella
182    Risbecia tryoni Jayne photo
183    Roboastra gracilis
184    Sagaminopteron psychedelicum
185    Sakuraeolis cf. kirembosa jayne photo
186    Sclerodoris tuberculata
187    Siphopteron sp. All white
188    Siphopteron sp. All white with small black/orange patch on back
189    Small brown looks like Aegiris on night mentjeng wall
190    Sohgenia palauensis cf. jayne photo
191    Stylocheilus striatus
192    Sypopteron brunneomarginatum jayne photo
193    Taringa halgerda
194    Thecacera pacifica
195    Thecacera sp.3
196    Thecacera sp.6
197    Thorunna australis
198    Thorunna cf. halouga jayne photo
199    Thorunna daniellae
200    Thorunna sp. orange edge jayne photo
201    Thuridilla albopustulosa
202    Thuridilla carlsoni
203    Thuridilla cf. undula maybe jayne photo
204    Thuridilla flavomaculata
205    Thuridilla gracilis
206    Thuridilla indopacifica
207    Thuridilla lineolata
208    Thuridilla sp, black/white stripes no colour on rhinophores
209    Trapania armilla jayne photo
210    Trapania skurra
211    Trapania vitta
212    Tritonia cf. sp.6
213    Tritonia sp.4
214    Unknown brown ategema spiky looking nudi jayne photo
215    Unknown brown facelinid like jayne photo

Big thanks to all on this trip for helping with finding and helping to identify many of these nudibranchs. An even BIGGER thanks to our team photographer Jayne Bruner for all her efforts with her new camera – keep up the great work!

Here is the complete species list:

1    Aegiris exeches
2    Aegiris sp.2
3    Aegiris villosus
4    Aeolidiella sp. red very shaggy nudi on orange sponge jayne ?
5    Aoelidiella alba jayne photo
6    Aplysia  dactylomela
7    Aplysia parvula
8    Armina cf. semperi jayne photo
9    Asteronotus cespitosus
10    Asteronotus hepaticus
11    Asteronotus mimeticus
12    Atagema/sclerodoris grey with lump on back
13    Ategema intecta
14    Ategema sp.? Blue spongy dorid
15    Berghia major
16    Berthellina ??
17    Bills pink dorid
18    Bornella hermanni
19    Bornella stellifer
20    Bursastella leachii
21    Caloria indica
22    Carminodoris estrelyado
23    Ceratosoma gracililium
24    Ceratosoma sinuata
25    Ceratosoma tenue
26    Ceratosoma trilobatum
27    Cerberilla sp.? All white, blue tips & oral tentacles jayne photo
28    Chelidonura amoena
29    Chelidonura black spots no white on front
30    Chelidonura hirundinina
31    chelidonura pallida
32    Chelidonura varians
33    Chromodoris annae
34    Chromodoris bouchetti
35    Chromodoris burni?
36    Chromodoris cf verrieri orange/red mantle edge jayne photo
37    Chromodoris cf. Michaeli (Jayne photo)
38    Chromodoris cf. sp.1
39    Chromodoris cf. strigata jayne photo?
40    Chromodoris coi
41    Chromodoris collingwoodi
42    Chromodoris elizabethina
43    Chromodoris fidelis
44    Chromodoris geometrica
45    Chromodoris hintuanensis
46    Chromodoris inornata
47    Chromodoris joshi ?
48    Chromodoris kuniei
49    Chromodoris leopardus
50    Chromodoris lochi
51    Chromodoris magnifica
52    Chromodoris preciosa
53    Chromodoris reticulata
54    Chromodoris setoensis
55    Chromodoris sp. Light blue body, dark blue stripes white edge, yellow rhinophores jayne photo
56    Chromodoris sp. White, yellow dots, black rhinophores
57    Chromodoris striatella Jayne photo
58    Chromodoris strigata
59    Chromodoris verrieri
60    Chromodoris willani
61    Colpadospis thompsoni
62    Costasiella kuroshimae
63    Costasiella usagi
64    Cratena cf. affinis tiny (maybe jayne photo)
65    Cratena white ?
66    Cuthona sibogae
67    Cuthona sp.? Cerata white at middle green outer Jayne photo
68    Cuthona sp.? Deep red, purple pink, blue, orange
69    Cuthona sp.36 jayne photo sangaeng
70    Cuthona sp? Green/yellow (Jayne photo)
71    Cuthona yamasui
72    Cyerce cf. sp.1 Clear white tips to cerata brown rhinophores
73    Cyerce kikutarobabai
74    Cyerce sp.? Dotted jayne photo
75    Dendrodoris denisoni
76    Dendrodoris fumata
77    Dendrodoris gutatta
78    Dendrodoris.Caryophyllidia dorid/halaxa like grey/ornage blotches jayne photo
79    Dermatobranchus albus
80    Dermatobranchus ornatus
81    Dermatobranchus sp. White orange rhinophores & mouth
82    Dermatobranchus sp.? Jayne photo white/grey
83    Dermatobranchus sp.10
84    Dermatobranchus sp.12
85    Dermatobranchus sp.7
86    Discodoris boholensis
87    Dolabela auricularia
88    Dorid black & white spotted jayne photo
89    Dorid transparent spotted purple on body, purple & orange dots & white mantle edge
90    Doto cf. sp.7
91    Doto rosacea
92    Doto sp./ redish brown Jayne photo
93    Doto sp.? Bright red long cerata jayne photo
94    Elysia cf. sp.24 moved like a stiliger
95    Elysia cf. tormentosa brown hairy algae looking
96    Elysia furvacauda
97    Elysia ornata
98    Elysia sp.? All white large parapodia, moved jerkily forward
99    Elysia sp.? Mainly blue with white & blue rhino jayne photo
100    Elysia sp.10 white moves jerkily
101    Elysia sp.13
102    Elysia sp.2
103    Elysia sp.20
104    Eubranchus mandapamensis? Jayne photo
105    Eubranchus sp.1
106    Eubranchus sp.13
107    Eubranchus sp.3
108    Eubranchus sp.4
109    Eubranchus ussi?
110    Facelina sp.
111    Facelinid 2 Nannettes photo
112    Facelinid sp.? Fuzzy brown cerata & spotted oral tentacles jayne
113    Facelinid unknown white, translucent, bright orange tips jayne photo
114    Favorinus japanicus
115    Favorinus pacificus
116    Favorinus sp.? Jayne photo
117    Favorinus tsuruganus
118    Flabellina bicolor
119    Flabellina bilas
120    Flabellina cf. sp4 jayne photo
121    Flabellina exoptata
122    Flabellina riwo
123    Flabellina rubrolineolata
124    Flabellina sp.
125    Flabellina sp.2
126    Flabellina sp.4 jayne photo
127    Flabellina sp.6 jayne photo
128    Glossodoris atromarginata
129    Glossodoris cf. sp.3
130    Glossodoris cincta
131    Glossodoris pallida
132    Glossodoris rufomarginata
133    Glossodoris sp. Orange/brown w/white margined Bill photo
134    Glossodoris sp.?+B127 (Jayne photo)
135    Godiva sp.2
136    Goniodorella cf. savignyi
137    Grey like halaxa
138    Gymnodoris cf. sp.1  jayne photo
139    Gymnodoris cf. sp.16 jayne photo
140    Gymnodoris citrina
141    Gymnodoris nigricolor
142    Gymnodoris rubropapulosa
143    Gymnodoris translucent white sp.
144    Halgerda albocristata
145    Halgerda batangas
146    Halgerda carlsoni
147    Halgerda malesso
148    Hexabranchus sanguineus
149    Hypselodoris bullocki
150    Hypselodoris cf sp.5 Pale purple dots on edge, white lines on body
151    Hypselodoris emma
152    Hypselodoris infucata
153    Hypselodoris maculosa
154    Hypselodoris maritima
155    Hypselodoris nigrostriata
156    Hypselodoris or thorunna.sp
157    Hypselodoris reidi
158    Hypselodoris sagamiensis jayne photo white with spots
159    Hypselodoris whitei
160    Hypselodoris zephyra
161    Hyselodoris apolegma
162    Hyselodoris sp.2
163    Hyselodoris Thorunna sp. Mainly white with spots, orange rhino&gills Jayne photo
164    Jaynes brown lumpy sclerodoris like platydoris
165    Jorunna alisonae or ategema ? Brown spiky spongy jayne photo
166    Jorunna funebris
167    Jorunna parva
168    Jorunna rubescens
169    Kaloplocamus peludo
170    Kaloplocamus sp.? Jayne photo?
171    Lomanotus sp.2
172    Lomanotus sp.4
173    Lomanotus white with black edge
174    Marionia elongoreticula
175    Marionia sp. Pute white covered in lots of cerata, jayne photo
176    Marionia sp.10
177    Marionia sp.13
178    Marionia sp.7 Jayne photo
179    Mexichromis multituberculata
180    Moridilla brockii
181    Moridilla sp.
182    Nannettes strange facelinid 1
183    Nembrotha cf. yonowae
184    Nembrotha chamberlaini
185    Nembrotha cristata
186    Nembrotha kubaryana
187    Nembrotha lineolata
188    Nembrotha sp. Green gills, black rhinophores, bright red spots
189    Notobryon like elysia jayne photo?
190    Notobryon sp. Clear jayne photo?
191    Notobryon sp.? Jayne photo
192    Notobryon sp.2
193    Noumea cf. subnivalis jayne photo
194    Noumea crocea
195    Noumea sp.4
196    Noumeaella rehderi
197    Okenia kendi
198    Ontoglaja guamensis
199    P+B56 jayne photo
200    Paradoris liturata
201    Pectenodoris aurora
202    Pectenodoris trilineolata
203    Petalifera ramosa
204    Phestilla minor
205    Philinopsis gardineri
206    Philinopsis pilsbry
207    Philinopsis sp.5
208    Philinopsis speciosa
209    Phylinopsis pilsbry
210    Phyllidia coelestis
211    Phyllidia ocellata
212    Phyllidia picta
213    Phyllidia pustulosa
214    Phyllidia sp.? Jayne photo
215    Phyllidia varicosa
216    Phyllidia white & black patterned
217    Phyllidiella granulata
218    Phyllidiella lizae
219    Phyllidiella nigra
220    Phyllidiopsis annae
221    Phyllidiopsis cardinalis
222    Phyllidiopsis cf. annae with 5 blue lines & dots on edge
223    Phyllidiopsis shireenae
224    Phyllidiopsis striata
225    Phyllodesmium briareum
226    Phyllodesmium cf. iriomotense jayne photo
227    Phyllodesmium colemani
228    Phyllodesmium crypticum
229    Phyllodesmium fluoro
230    Phyllodesmium jacobsonae
231    Phyllodesmium koehleri
232    Phyllodesmium lizardensis jayne photo
233    Phyllodesmium longicirrum
234    Phyllodesmium macphersonae jayne photo
235    Phyllodesmium magnum
236    Phyllodesmium ruddmani
237    Phyllodesmium serratum
238    Phyllodesmium sp? On jetty Air Manis
239    Phylodesmium poindinmiei
240    Plakobranchus ocellata
241    Plakobranchus sp.? Jayne photo
242    Platydoris cf. inornata jayne photo?
243    Platydoris cinerbranchiata
244    Platydoris formosa
245    Platydoris sanguinea
246    Pleurobranchus albiguttatus
247    Pleurobranchus forskalii
248    Pleurobranchus peroni
249    Plocamorpherus ceylonicus
250    Plocamorpherus pecoso
251    Pruvotfolia sp.3 Flabellina sp. Jayne photo reddish
252    Pteriollidia ianthina
253    Red dendrodoris
254    Risbecia pulchella
255    Risbecia sp.2
256    Risbecia tryoni
257    Risbecia tryoni Jayne photo
258    Roboastra gracilis
259    Rostanga sp. Orange blob Jayne photo
260    Sagaminopteron psychedelicum
261    Sakuraeolis cf. kirembosa jayne photo
262    Sclerodoris tuberculata
263    Siphopteron sp. All white
264    Siphopteron sp. All white with small black/orange patch on back
265    Small brown looks like Aegiris on night mentjeng wall
266    Sohgenia palauensis cf. jayne photo
267    Stylocheilus striatus
268    Sypopteron brunneomarginatum jayne photo
269    Taringa halgerda
270    Thecacera pacifica
271    Thecacera picta
272    Thecacera sp.
273    Thecacera sp.3
274    Thecacera sp.4
275    Thecacera sp.6
276    Thorunna australis
277    Thorunna cf. halouga jayne photo
278    Thorunna daniellae
279    Thorunna furtiva
280    Thorunna sp. orange edge jayne photo
281    Thuridilla albopustulosa
282    Thuridilla carlsoni
283    Thuridilla cf. undula maybe jayne photo
284    Thuridilla flavomaculata
285    Thuridilla gracilis
286    Thuridilla indopacifica
287    Thuridilla lineolata
288    Thuridilla sp, black/white stripes no colour on rhinophores
289    Trapania armilla jayne photo
290    Trapania euryeia or tora
291    Trapania skurra
292    Trapania vitta
293    Tritonia cf. sp.6
294    Tritonia sp.4
295    Unknown brown ategema spiky looking nudi
296    Unknown brown facelinid like jayne photo
297    weird lumpy sclerodoris like with weird colours

Sorry for the lack of technical details when referring to some of our unknown species…


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