Black Sand Critter Diving Cruise Report

June 19th – June 30th

This was the one I had been waiting on for so long, a cruise where all the guests on board were interested in critters, or for those who were new to this, they were all willing to learn more about them.

Ceratosoma magnifica
Ceratosoma magnifica

Here are just a few of the creatures we saw on this cruise, lots of different frogfish, leaf scorpionfish galore, lots un-identified nudibranchs on many different dives, crustaceans galore, lots of inimicus (devil scorpionfish), two different species of pigmy sea horse, common sea horse (H. kuda), cockatoo waspfish, torpedo ray, pegasus sea moth, bobtail squid, manta, sharks, good schooling fish action and of course excellent reef scenery too! Oh yeah and a lovely BLUE RINGED octopus!!!!

Thought it may be a good idea to let the guests tell you what it was like through their own personal comments – straight from the comments book:

Tim Bertsch – a fantastic tour around Komodo marine park, saw pretty much everything, fantastically well looked after, great companions, good weather – this trip had it all! But the main thing was the amazing diving, seeing new stuff dive after dive; thanks Graham for such great guiding so many times. Looking forward to the next time. P.S. Thanks for the loan of the shark hood!

Collin and Sara – Very professional – knowledgeable, more than competent and tremendously enthusiastic. Couldn’t be better.

Michelle Hosley – wonderful itinerary, saw oodles of great nudibranchs, shrimp, cephalopods & much more. Graham is a great dive leader, I’d dive with him anytime, My second trip on Pelagian & I’ll continue to recommend it as a comfortable boat & good operation. Look forward to Diving 4 Images soon again!

Dave Hosley – Graham – you are the man! A fabulous memorable trip. One of the best ever. Great sites, great boat, great crew! Would dive with you anywhere!

Rod & Pat Huggett – what a spectacular inaugural voyage. Let’s do it again !!!!!

Iris Karinkanta – what a great trip. Thanks Graham you’ve opened a new door. I’ve seen so many amazing things. I didn’t know such things exist. Thanks!

Jon Bertsch & Rosemary Chengson- Thanks for an excellent trip hunting for the elusive critters and exploring new sites. Nudibranchs off the chart, all manner of shrimps, crabs and other crustaceans. Cuttlefish, octopus (Blue Ring) and more. It was great to be so well looked treated by the staff and to be shown so many  new and interesting critters. Every piece of rock holds a secret hoping Graham will miss it – but he rarely does. Looking forward to the next trip.

Joni Hildal – Graham this trip was better than ever imagined. The best, most amazing dive sites. We found almost everything and more. The only problem will be trying to top your 1st trip! Congratulations on your  new venture, lots of success and happiness always. Keep me posted on your future trips.

Roberto Sozzani – Great diving, the best cruise to Komodo, lots of critters, a real pleasure to dive with you, I hope to do it again soon!

Conclusion – an excellent group of divers and critters lovers, an excellent all round cruise on a very fine vessel. Even though this was the Black Sand Critter Cruise aiming at critters, it was still important to give everyone and overview of the area. Everyone saw a manta ray, sharks, some large pelagic fish, awesome schooling fish life and outstanding reef scenery during the cruise.

The list of critters is available for anyone who really wants to know more about what we saw.


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