Private Charters

A private charter with Diving 4 Images offers you the opportunity to tailor the trip to suit your needs exactly.

To see our gallery ‘Life on a Private Charter’ follow this link.

For most divers the idea of sailing to remote and uncrowded dive sites on a beautiful, traditional sailing boat with a group of close friends is practically Nirvana. Imagine relaxing on deck, a gin and tonic in hand, watching the sun dip to the horizon as it turns the sky into a kaleidoscope of orange and red. You’re sitting with a group of close friends who share your passion for diving, discussing the amazing encounters from a day diving pristine reefs and, as you scan the horizon, you see that there is not another dive boat in sight. If this sounds up-your-street then a private charter with Diving 4 Images is for you.

Arranging a private charter with Diving 4 Images is easy, all you need is a group of friends and an idea of what you want to see or where you want to go. From here we take care of the rest. What’s more, arranging a private charter is surprisingly affordable, typically costing no more than a resort stay.

Of course there are many companies that offer private charters but with Diving 4 Images you are getting much more than most operators offer. You are getting a renowned and respected dive guide, used by many professional photographers and film-makers, who will take your trip to the next level. The right guide is what makes the difference between a good trip and the trip of a lifetime. At Diving 4 Images we pride ourselves in offering the same level of service and expertise that has made Diving 4 Images the guide service of choice for many dive professionals to all our guests.

A private charter gives you the chance to design the trip; you can do what you want to do. Whether you want to spend all your time diving or want to spend some time exploring topside, visiting remote villages and unspoilt environments, the trip can be built to suit you. Water-sports, beach barbecues and cocktail cruises can all be arranged to make the trip a memorable one. If you need some more inspiration see our gallery ‘Life on a Private Charter‘.

Organizing a private charter starts with you telling us what is you want to see or do. Maybe you want to see a particular species or habitat, maybe you want to dive a particular area or maybe you have set dates and are flexible about where you want to go, open to our advice on the best places to dive at that time of year. We will build an itinerary to suit exactly what it is you want to see or where you want to go.

Then we find you a boat. Diving 4 Images has contacts with all the best live-aboard operators in Indonesia so we can be sure to find the right boat for you. Whether you just want a comfortable place to rest between dives or want the last word in luxury, we will find the boat that perfectly meets your requirements and budget. We have contacts for boats large and small so whether you are bringing a small group of close friends or a whole dive club we can cater for your needs.

With Diving 4 Images its all about customizing the trip for you.

In an ideal world all you would need to think about is the diving but unfortunately organising the logistics of a dive trip can take up a huge amount of time. Diving 4 Images can take the hassle out of the logistics side of the trip and arrange everything for you. Flights and hotels can all be booked through us and we can book you into some of Indonesia’s best dive resorts if you want extra diving before or after your charter with us.

If you are interested in using Diving 4 Images for your next trip to Indonesia get in touch and let us know what it is you want to see. From there we can start to build your own personalised, highly customised itinerary.

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