Work For Diving 4 Images

Diving 4 Images is looking for a local part time / freelance dive guide that wants to take their services to the next level.

What’s required?

  • An interest in learning.
  • A passion for marine life is essential.
  • An interest in rare and unusual marine life will be helpful. 
  • A feeling for currents and sea conditions and knowing when to opt out of a dangerous dive will be helpful, this can also be taught.
  • Own dive gear will be helpful.
  • Knows, or wants to know how to take care of guests.
  • An interest in being the best possible dive guide will be helpful too 😉
  • Wanting to become more than just a dive guide would be great!
  • Contact by email at

The ideal candidate Ideally the applicant needs to let me know why you are interested in this offer.

With thanks,

Diving 4 Images

To apply please send your cv and covering letter to