About Us

Graham At Work
Graham assisting a photographer with a macro subject!

When Graham Abbott founded Diving 4 Images in 2002 it was with a vision to provide the best guide and charter service in Indonesia.

Graham wanted to work with the best underwater photographers and film-makers and, having worked with the BBC, IMAX 3D, National Geographic  and numerous professional photographers. This is a goal that has certainly been achieved. Indeed for many professional photographers and film-makers Graham is the guide of choice for any projects in Indonesia.  Due to the reputation that has been had over the years Graham is also hired out for work on superyachts.

Diving 4 Images is not only about photography and filming for professional divers, however.  At Diving 4 Images we pride ourselves in offering the same level of service and expertise to all our guests whether they are a seasoned pro or a newly qualified diver on their first trip.

Our passion is to help you create lasting memories and fond moments on and under the sea.  Diving 4 Images is all about helping divers find new habitats, cryptic, rare and unusual animals, fantastic coral reef scenery and dramatic topography they would not otherwise get the chance to see.  At Diving 4 Images we find nothing more satisfying than introducing new experiences to like-minded divers who share our passion.

From the outset we knew that we wanted full flexibility to create customized and highly personalized dive experiences for our guests.  We didn’t want to be tied to one boat or operator and have built an extensive network of connections with the best dive boats operating in Indonesia so we can be sure to find the vessel that best suits your needs.  It is this combination of the very best guides working in Indonesia, our unparalleled knowledge of the counties best dive sites and the perfect vessel that makes Diving 4 Images special.

Why Dive With us?

BlennieDiving 4 Images is all about freedom and adventure. What we love to do on our special charters is not to limit dive times and restrict divers fun & adventure in any way at all. This is how we believe diving should be!

Every year Diving 4 Images organises a limited number of trips diving in our favourite areas looking for the things that interest us most. These trips are designed for divers who share our passion whether it’s searching for critters, underwater photography, exploring unknown areas or our annual critter & nudibranch hunts.

For certain trips we bring in a specialist; Marine biologists, authors and underwater photographers are brought along to pass on their expertise and share their experiences.   These trips are open to individuals, couples and groups, indeed anyone can join these trips. They offer the perfect opportunity to meet divers who share the same interests and passions as you – a group of like-minded divers, the best guides, specialists to pass on their knowledge, a great boat and amazing dive sites…sounds good doesn’t it?

Dive Komodo Special Small Group Trips

We now have a special promotion for small groups (starting with minimum 3 divers) who would like to look at choosing your own dates and route going to Komodo and the surrounding areas of north Sumbawa, Flores and Alor.

Click here for more details about this special deal.