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Scheduled Trips

Fiji 2020

Fiji 2020

Only one last cabin available! The best dedicated dive boat in Fiji that's been operating the longest, has the most extensive knowledge and...
Beyond Komodo 2020

Beyond Komodo 2020

Back to do old favourite critter exploration - The Beyond Komodo Critter Cruise, this time with a twist... The added twist of being able...
Triton Bay 2021

Triton Bay 2021

Heading back yet again to this very special and remote dive resort.  Some of the most colourful reefs on the planet await us here, reef...
Kalimaya 2021

Kalimaya 2021

A hot new resort on eastern Sumbawa. Yes, another great dive resort in a fantastic new location. Dates October-November 2021 More news...

Why Dive With us?

BlennieDiving 4 Images is all about freedom and adventure. What we love to do on our special charters is not to limit dive times and restrict divers fun & adventure in any way at all. This is how we believe diving should be!

Every year Diving 4 Images organises a limited number of trips diving in our favourite areas looking for the things that interest us most. These trips are designed for divers who share our passion whether it’s searching for critters, underwater photography, exploring unknown areas or our annual critter & nudibranch hunts.

For certain trips we bring in a specialist; Marine biologists, authors and underwater photographers are brought along to pass on their expertise and share their experiences.   These trips are open to individuals, couples and groups, indeed anyone can join these trips. They offer the perfect opportunity to meet divers who share the same interests and passions as you – a group of like-minded divers, the best guides, specialists to pass on their knowledge, a great boat and amazing dive sites…sounds good doesn’t it?

Diving for small groups

We now have a special promotion for small groups (starting with minimum 3 divers) who would like to look at choosing your own dates and route going to Komodo and the surrounding areas of north Sumbawa, Flores and Alor.

Click here for more details about this special deal.

Critters and Nudibranchs  2012
22 September to 03 October 2012

After the huge success of 2011’s nudibranch hunt we just had to do these back-to-back trips again.  It’s not just nudibranchs of course, when you scour a range of habitats for seas slugs you can be guaranteed to find loads of other critters you would have missed.  If you love nudibranchs and critters this trip is not to be missed. Read more…

Ambon Critters

Ambon Critters
13 March to 23 March 2013

A perfect dive holiday for those wanting to find rare and unusual marine life, go searching for the unknown and even learn some more about the critters you love most. We will be diving from the charming and very well set up Maluku Divers.  Read More…

Triton Bay to Ambon Adventure
19 October to 02 November 2012

This is a real diving adventure with some amazing topside trips.  The trip starts in Triton Bay before moving into the Banda Sea and finishing in the critter rich, black sands of Ambon.  There is a real variety of diving on offer with amazing reefs, plenty of rich fish-life and some world-class critter action.  Read more…

Damai Critter Expedition
25 March to 05 April 2013

Places are limited on this exclusive trip, focusing on the very best critter spots between Flores and Alor.  We have a few new  critter-rich sites in Flores that, plus our favourite hotspots in Alor and Pantar!  Our favourite critter diving route on one of the best boats sailing in Indonesia; it doesn’t get better than this! Read more…

Critters and Nudibranchs 2013
September 2013 TBC

We’re finalising the arrangements for our annual critter and nudibranch trip for September and October 2013.  There are still some details to be confirmed but if you want to be assured a place we can hold places until the trip comes on line.  Read more…