Services for Professionals

Diving 4 Images is well aware that the most precious commodity for professional photographers and film-makers is time. It is imperative that you find what it is you are looking for quickly and with the minimum of fuss; time should be spent capturing your images, not searching for your subject.

BBC coral reef film maker shooting sea snakes for the Blue Planet series.
BBC coral reef film maker shooting sea snakes for the Blue Planet series.

This is where Diving 4 Images excels. From the planning stage through to the trip itself, we are focused on making sure that you spend the optimum amount of time with your chosen subject, getting all those precious images.

There are two factors that set Diving 4 Images apart from the competition; our extensive experience of diving throughout Indonesia and Graham’s skills as a dive guide.

The first comes into its own in the planning phase of your trip. We can advise on the times and locations to find what it is you want to capture, find the right boat for your needs and help build an itinerary that will optimise your time in the water.

Then there is the trip itself. Having the right guide is crucial to the success of the trip and a guide who understands photography, the use of light, the way to structure a shot, is invaluable. Graham has worked with some of the very best in the industry and, as the glowing testimonials will attest, he has become the dive guide of choice for many of them. A good guide can be the difference between a successful trip and a disaster; don’t compromise, with Diving 4 Images you will be diving with one of the most respected guides in Indonesia.

Taking Care of the Details

Mantis shrimpIn an ideal world all you would need to think about is the diving but unfortunately organising the logistics of a dive trip can take up a huge amount of time. Diving 4 Images can take the hassle out of the logistics side of the trip and arrange everything for you. Flights, hotels and resort stays can all be booked through us, we can arrange for extra baggage allowances and we can provide comprehensive, no-nonsense advice on the all important permits and visas.

If you are interested in using Diving 4 Images for your next trip to Indonesia get in touch and let us know what it is you want to see. From there we can start to build your own personalised, highly customised itinerary.

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