Komodo Deals

Fantastic coral scenery in Komodo
Fantastic coral scenery in Komodo

Do you want to dive Komodo at a very affordable rate and still benefit with the experience of Diving 4 Images knowledge and guidance? Want to dive in a small group? Looking for a great get away with your friends? Then this is for you.

We now have fantastic deals with a few great boats offering private trips or join in trips starting with 3 divers. The destinations on offer for this would be Komodo and possibly Flores – Alor depending on time of the year and availability.

Personalised itineraries
We can also offer your small group the chance to go on a Diving 4 Images unique ‘Beyond Komodo’ route. The Beyond Komodo routes are set up for those who want to avoid the crowds and still dive fantastic dive sites in and around Komodo and Sumbawa.  There is a really great variety of diving on offer with some amazing lush reefs, plenty of rich fish-life and some world-class critter action.  We also have fantastic ‘Critter Cruises’ for those who just want to go in search of rare and unique marine life.

We will arrange a real diving adventure with the possibility of great topside trips thrown in for good measure, including visiting the Komodo Dragons, treks to scenic viewpoints, fruit bats and at times we can even organise beach BBQ’s.

Interested?  Contact us for more information…