Alor 2018

The kids all come round the boat to say hello!

Alor, where friendly children often come round divers to say hello!

A truly awesome boutique dive resort in an really fantastic fave hotspot of many a good guide…

It was the great Larry Smith that first started to make Alor really well known for it’s awesome macro life.  For sure there were other guides that dived here, though none ever really focused on what makes Alor truly unique, which aside from the amazing macro life is also the unique upwelling reefs with totally coral life to much of Indonesia.

As soon as I started to dive Around the Alor Regency back in 2001 I too had that same special soft spot for the Alor area.  The diving is really varied the people are ever so warm and friendly.  The critter life can be amazing and the coral life here is very unique, in places really different from many other parts of Indonesia!

One of Indonesia’s most unique reefs in Indonesia with miles of endless anemones

Alor has lots of very different dive sites to choose from.  There are sites that people still to dive like Kals Dream which is really hard to catch that dream these days.  There is even Sharks Galore that is now rare to find sharks.  However, what we will be focusing on is great variety of different habitats this area has to offer.  We will be looking for interesting marine life and the unique reefs that makes this area of Indonesia so special.

We will also spend quality time around the island of Pura where the children and fishermen often come out to welcome divers and enjoy swimming down to say hello too.

Gymnodoris aurita feeding – great chances see this in Alor.


The Resort

Our home base for this dive adventure is going to be the really well appointed, very comfortable and perfectly set up Alami Alor Boutique Dive Resort.  Alami Alor really impressed me when I visited.  Max and Lauren have thought of just about everything that a great resort needs and should have.  With the addition of excellent food and even good choices of wine which is rare to find at Indonesian dive resorts never mind one in such a remote location.

The location of Alami Alor is well protected in the bay of Kalabahi, which happens to be right at the heart of some of Alors best critter diving too.  As usual I always enjoy places with good house reefs and Alami Alor has a house reef for those who want to get in even more dives and make a few shore dives.


29th November to 13th December.  I will personally be leading a group from Bali for these dates though if divers wish to arrive any time in-between we can certainly look at accommodating your dates too.

We are often finding new species and this Halgerda has still not been identified

We are often finding new species in Alor and this Halgerda has still not been identified…


As we are offering you to choose your own dates within the above mentioned date.  Please contact us for more information on exact prices for this trip.

Contact us for more information and prices on this additional resort add-on.

If you are interested in nudibranch & critter trips in 2017 please contact us to hold a place or more details…

Look forward to diving with you soon.

Your personal dive guide,

Graham Abbott